“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.” -John Quincy Adams

You all inspire me. New ideas and approaches whirl in my mind each and every time I leave one of your classrooms. As teachers we are often isolated and unaware of the exciting lessons taking place just down the hallway. Having this position as instructional coach, however, allows me to view all of you, my colleagues, doing what you love.  We often chat informally at meetings or at the copy machine. Yet I am now able to see you as the students see you, passionately sharing your content knowledge and dedicating yourselves to their educational journeys.  I also see beyond what the students do. I hear about the hours you spend planning, assessing, grading. I share in your frustrations about student gaps in learning.  I celebrate your successes.  We all teach, lead, coach, motivate, and encourage Hart High students daily. We do this even when our students are resistant. We do this even as we navigate new textbooks, apply new Common Core State Standards, and travel between classrooms.  We do this because we all want nothing more than to help our students experience success.

I appreciate all that you do in your classrooms. Thank you for continuing to invite me in! I don’t think it is fair that I keep the amazing teaching I observe all to myself.  On this site I will be sharing resources and information for you regarding the standards and instructional methods. However, I will also be sharing your lessons, ideas, and best practices so that we may learn from the expertise we have right here at Hart High School.

Thank you for sharing your teaching lives with me,

Sarah Avanessian


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