Handy-Dandy EL Acronyms

At last week’s PD session we learned about the California Department of Education’s new policy when it comes to EL instruction.  As a result, we discussed changes coming to Hart and the role that every teacher will now play in this transition. We are ALL EL teachers in our content areas.  Since our PD day, I have had teachers ask questions about EL acronyms.  As a result, I present a list of acronyms below that will help you A) identify the ELs in your classes, B) understand the difference between designated and integrated EL, and C) be savvy to all the lingo associated with English Learners.  You can find a handy-dandy Google Doc with these acronyms here.  I suggest saving or printing the Google Doc so that you can refer to it as needed.

EL Acronyms

CELDT California English Language Development Test
RFEP Reclassified Fluent English Proficient
IFEP Initial Fluent English Proficient
LEP Limited English Proficiency
EL English Learner

A student who is not proficient in English and meets the State criteria for being an English Learner. (Students will have EL Flag in IC)

LTEL Long Term English Learner

An EL student who has been enrolled in US schools for  a full 4 years or more and has not been reclassified. (These students have an LTEL flag and an EL flag in IC.)

SDAIE Specially Designed Academic Instruction in English

These are strategies that can be used to support English learners.

(But remember that we will no longer have SDAIE classes)

EO English Only
Newcomer An EL student who has been enrolled in US schools less than 2 full consecutive semesters.
New ELD Standards Classification Levels
  • EMERGING-CELDT Beginning/EI ELD 1/2
  • EXPANDING- CELDT Early Intermediate/Intermediate ELD 2/3
  • BRIDGING-CELDT Early Advanced/Advanced  ELD 3/4/5
ELD Standards
  • ELD Standards require grade appropriate texts and writing.
  • ELD Standards correlate with ELA CCSS Standards
  • ELD Standards provide access to the CCSS Standards, work in conjunction with all of our standards and frameworks in our content areas and are written for EL students
Integrated ELD classes ELD instruction that occurs throughout the day and across disciplines

(this refers to all of our classes / content areas)

Designated ELD classes Protected time during the day when instruction focuses on the CA ELD Standards in order to build language skills to access the content standards in other classes. This class focuses on reclassification.

As always, I am just a phone call or email away! Contact me for all your teaching questions and ideas.  Call me with questions or just to show off!



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