A Welcome Back

I want to welcome you all back to the spring semester.  After unexpected surgeries in the fall and six weeks out of work, I am ready to start fresh with my students…and with all of you!  As Hart High’s Instructional Coach, let me take a moment and advertise what I can offer to help you improve student success and hone your craft as a professional educator.  Life coaches have become big business the last few years.  They help people live their best lives…for a pretty penny!  Well, at Hart I can help you become the best teacher you can be…and it won’t cost you a cent.  Whole-school professional development is fine and dandy.  It introduces us to new ideas and sparks our thinking.  However, working with an Instructional Coach is the most effective way to improve our craft, as a growing body of research indicates.

  • One-on-one coaching
    • I can help you find resources, uncover new strategies, target an area for growth, observe in the classroom, model a lesson, and much more!
    • We will meet first to customize our coaching sessions so that they meet your individual needs.
  • Lesson Study
    • Work with a group of teachers to improve student learning
    • You choose the focus of the lesson study
    • You choose the group of teachers with whom to work
    • Lesson studies typically take place over 4 periods in a single day
  • Drop by observation
    • Looking for immediate feedback on a lesson? I can drop by!
    • Want to show off a lesson?  I will drop by!
    • Want to be featured on HartLiteracy.com?  Call me for a drop by!
  • Model Lessons
    • Need to see a lesson or strategy?  My door is always open! Drop by F-12 or call me and let me know what you want to see.  I can prepare a lesson that you can watch in my classroom or I can teach it to your students.
  • Quick Chat
    • Let’s say you need to run an idea by someone or you need a little inspiration…call me! Email me! Stop me in the copy room! I am here to help whenever you need it.

I am available during my prep period (2) and my instructional coach periods (6,7).

Welcome back…now let’s get started!



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