(Partial) Eclipse of the Hart

On Monday August 21, 2017 Hart students and staff stood staggered across campus, gazing toward the sky as they experienced the long-anticipated partial eclipse.  

Many teachers incorporated lessons on the eclipse in their classes.  

AP Lang students studied Annie Dillard’s essay “Total Eclipse” the week before they would see it themselves. After viewing the event,  they wrote about their own experiences and then posted their finished products on Google Classroom.  By making their writing public in an online discussion format, we were able to work on Writing 6 Use technology, including the internet, to produce and publish writing and to interact and collaborate with others. When students write for an audience beyond the teacher, their approach to the writing changes.  Through reading and commenting on the work of others, community is built.  

AP Lang students view the eclipse

John Kiernan said his students were filled with wonder…

Mr. Kiernan led his students through several science lessons on the umbra, why and how the cornea can be damaged, and the distance to moon and to the sun.

They discussed what ancient people might have thought during an eclipse and how many people would have damaged their eyes not knowing what we know today.

Students in John Kiernan’s class checking out their eclipse viewing glasses

John Vincent’s student traveled to Idaho to photograph the event

Max Sehic is a senior in John Vincent’s Advanced Photo course.  He traveled to Idaho just so that he could photograph the full eclipse.  John shared some of Max’s amazing work with us.  Congratulate him when you see him!  As John wrote: “I think he had a slightly more interesting perspective than what we had here in Awesometown.”  I would have to agree!

Finally, enjoy some more photos of Hart students and staff safely using our NASA solar eclipse viewing glasses!

Left to right: Math teachers Dave Crawford, Amy Gibbs, and Kerri Mitchell (Photo cred: Anissa Pauer); Social Studies teacher Robert Tilles in a candid shot; and finally, John Howard in his first ever selfie!

Greg Borish captured the moment with his Comp Sci students.  Below is his Twitter post…(follow him @hartborish!)


Even though it was only a partial eclipse, I think we can all agree that we totally enjoyed it here at Hart!