Collaborative Learning- Neon Fun!

I had the pleasure of watching students in Kathryn’s Smith’s Honors Chemistry class work collaboratively on formula weights. You should have heard the students cheer for joy when she told them they would be using the neon markers. It’s the little things that gets them excited, isn’t it? As I walked around, every student was engaged. They were working out formulas and then writing their responses right on the lab tables! After the response was complete one student would snap a photo and upload it to the shared Google Folder which is then displayed on her website. Next, they would wipe away the formula and begin a new one.  Kathryn has found a way to trick students into doing (and loving) math in science!  You can see student responses here on Kathryn’s website.

What I love about this lesson:  Students work collaboratively and they are excited and engaged even though they are working on difficult formulas!  Students who may not be as strong with math will learn from the students who are stronger in that area (This is an example of a tiered lesson–Differentiation!).  Technology is used!  Since students are in groups, a student who does not have a phone can still participate.  Students are reading complex text (formulas) and discussing their answers.  They are even hitting math practice 3 as they critique the reasoning of others.

IMG_4638 IMG_4644IMG_4650 IMG_4646

Thank you, Kathryn!

I would love to see more of how students work collaboratively in your classrooms or the way you are designing lessons around the anchor standards.   Let me know and I will pop in!